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Community Participation

Community Outgoing

How can you access these services?

Simply fill out our online form and one of our friendly team members will call you at the time you are available. We can have an initial meeting and draw up a proper plan before you start support with us. Once you are happy with the plan we can go ahead and organize 30 mins meet and greet session with our suitable support worker. 



Sunlight Disability Care supports participants to access the community to increase their independence and confidence. Our certified support workers have Valid driver’s licenses, reliable cars, and experience so you can access the community safely.

Why community outing is so important for everyone?

  • Community outings can improve individuals’ health status and quality of life. 
  •  Assist participants to remain independent as possible. 
  • New endless learning/growing opportunities available in the community 
  •  Making new connections within the community 
  • Chance to join new hobbies, make new friends, be part of the community, reduce anxiety, and stress, and boost your confidence to live a better life.
  • Enabling you to try new activities or continue existing activities. This may include regular exercise sessions, swimming classes, sports, gardening activities, or any volunteering programs you may have an interest. 
You may attend any appointment and meeting with the assistance of support workers. We can include your appointments in our system, so you never miss any important sessions/appointments.