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Innovative Community participation

Innovative Community participation

What does it look like?

  1. Such as attending cooking classes to learn new recipes, and techniques and try out different country food.
  2. participation in Arts and cultural activities
  3. Attending a variety of workshops 
  4. Being a part of job training workshops, employment seminars, etc.
  5. Exploring personal interests and working toward them





What is innovative community participation under NDIS?

Innovative community participation under NDIS is a way to engage individuals in communities and provide them services, and support they need. We provide a credible, excellent, and timely opportunity to build your skills as you participate in your immediate community. 

Everyone has an important part to play in community, unfortunately many people with disability face barriers that can prevent them from participating in the community. Sunlight Disability care staff will assist participants to engage in the community to access activities safely. Innovative community participation activities may deliver one on one bases or in group settings. 

Some Examples of how Innovative community participation can help you:

  1.  Socialise and make connections, make new friends with the same interest 
  2. Learn new skills or build existing skills
  3. Find about new opportunities available and learn new skills
  4. Increase your independence, ability to live your own and look after yourself 
  5. Improve mental health and improve social interaction

If you are eligible to avail of these services our team will ensure you get the best out of it. All our support workers are very experienced to assist you in participating in any activities you enjoy most.