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Assistance with Daily Personal Activities

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Sunlight Disability Care assists/supervises participants with personal tasks of daily life to develop skills to live as autonomously as possible. 

Personal Activities of Daily Living are the everyday, basic tasks that need to be completed to maintain self-care. They are broken down into a number of categories, including;

Daily Personal activities may include but are not limited to as below:

  • Personal hygiene– Oral hygiene, Showering,  grooming, and another task as required
  • Dressing – including selecting appropriate clothing for the weather and occasion.
  • Mobility and transferring, for example, moving in and out of bed and on or off the toilet
  • Continence management – getting to the toilet, using the toilet appropriately, cleaning oneself than being able to get back up
  • Transferring and mobilizing – the ability to move from sitting to standing, being able to get in and out of bed, and being able to walk from one location to another
  • Eating – being able to feed yourself, Assistance with feeding.

  For more information get in touch with our friendly support staff!