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Daily Living Life Skills

Daily Living Life Skills​

Sunlight Disability Care assists/ supervise participants with everyday life skills that develop and increase independence. Our certified and experienced support worker will work along with you to achieve daily living goals which include short-term and long-term goals.

Daily living activities may include but are not limited to as below:

  • Personal hygiene- Oral hygiene, Showering, dressing, grooming, and another task as required
  • Domestic Assistance – Cleaning, vacuuming, mopping, linen change, laundry task, etc.  
  • Social support- Attending Medical/ General appointments, shopping, social activities, visiting friends and families 
  • Meal preparation- Buying groceries, preparing simple healthy meals with assistance or under supervision 
  • Develop problem-solving skills
  • Financial Management skills- Paying bills, Ability to use your money efficiently without going over budget
  • With support, and worker assistance learn to use new technology and boost your confidence
  • Transport and Travel Skills– Assistance with catching public transport, getting in/ out of the car, and participating in community 

For more information get in touch with our friendly support staff!

How to teach daily living skills?

Every person's learning capacity and pace is different, so the way daily life skills should be taught varies from person to person. Our well-trained staff keep this in mind and follow instructions as per their support plan. 

Supportive environment

A supportive environment encourages participants to learn skills in a fun, engaging, and safe way. Our specialized learning programs are designed to encourage participants to participate in activities and learn independent skills

Practice new skills

New skills require continuous practice such as learning new bus routes or learning how to follow a work routine. Our support worker assist you to continues practice your new skills so its easy to develop and include them in your daily life skills

Learning daily activity skills

Our experienced support worker will assist/ mentor you to learn and practice daily life skills. You may find new skills that will assist you to complete your everyday task easily. Talk to our team members and discuss how we can help you.